N.H. Code Admin. R. Fis 805.05

Current through Register No. 12, March 23, 2023
Section Fis 805.05 - Permit to Release Wildlife
(a) Applications for a permit to release wildlife shall include the following:
(1) Name of applicant;
(2) Applicant's telephone number;
(3) Applicant's street address and mailing address;
(4) Species and number of wildlife to be released;
(5) Name, address and telephone number of person from whom wildlife was obtained;
(6) The applicant's importation, possession or propagation permit number, if applicable;
(7) The applicant's federal permit number, if applicable;
(8) Town of release or town and waterbodies for the release of fish;
(9) Exact location of all release sites;
(10) Purpose of release, to include activity and use; and
(11) Signature of the applicant.
(b) A permit fee in the amount of $25.00 dollars shall be submitted with each application.

N.H. Code Admin. R. Fis 805.05

(See Revision Note at chapter heading for Fis 800) #5507, eff 11-20-92; ss by #6889, eff 11-21-98, EXPIRED: 11-21-06

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Amended by Volume XXXVI Number 06, Filed February 11, 2016, Proposed by #11029, Effective 1/26/2016, Expires 1/26/2026.