Nev. Admin. Code § 78.050

Current through November 9, 2020
Section 78.050 - Distinguishing proposed name from name of existing business entity: Differences in spelling

A difference in spelling, regardless of whether there is a phonetic similarity between the proposed name of the corporation and the name of an existing business entity, may make the proposed name distinguishable from the name of an existing business entity. For example:

1. "Capital Cleaner" is distinguishable from "Capitol Cleaners";
2. "Cool Cuts" is distinguishable from "Kool Kuts";
3. "Great Picks" is distinguishable from "Great Pix";
4. "Jones Tires" is distinguishable from "Joan's Tires"; and
5. "Write, Inc." is distinguishable from "Right, Inc."

Nev. Admin. Code § 78.050

Added to NAC by Sec'y of State by R098-00, eff. 9-25-2000

NRS 78.039, 78.185