La. Admin. Code tit. 46 § LIII-519

Current through Register Vol. 50, No. 4, April 20, 2024
Section LIII-519 - State of Emergency
A. When the Governor issues, or renews, a state of emergency pursuant to the Emergency Assistance and Disaster Act of 1993, R.S. 29:721 et seq. or a state of public health emergency pursuant to the Louisiana Health Emergency Powers Act, R.S. 29:760 et seq.:
1. A pharmacist may dispense an emergency prescription of up to a 90-day supply of a prescribed medication if:
a. in the pharmacist's professional opinion the medication is essential to the maintenance of life or to the continuation of therapy; and
b. the pharmacist makes a good faith effort to reduce the information to a written prescription marked "emergency prescription", then file and maintain the prescription as required by law.
2. A pharmacist not licensed in Louisiana, but currently licensed in another state, may dispense prescription medications in the affected parish(es) during the time a state of emergency exists when:
a. the pharmacist has some type of identification to verify current unrestricted licensure in another state;
b. the pharmacist has obtained a special work permit from the board;
c. the pharmacist is engaged in a legitimate relief effort during the emergency period; and
d. the pharmacist and pharmacy notify the board of their presence and approximate location in the affected parish or parishes prior to the engagement of professional practice.
B. The authority provided for in this Section shall cease with the termination of the state of emergency.

La. Admin. Code tit. 46, § LIII-519

Promulgated by the Department of Health and Hospitals, Board of Pharmacy, LR 14:708 (October 1988), effective January 1, 1989, amended LR 29:2085 (October 2003), effective January 1, 2004, LR 33:1125 (June 2007), Amended by the Department of Health, Board of Pharmacy, LR 47592 (5/1/2021).
AUTHORITY NOTE: Promulgated in accordance with R.S. 37:1182.