La. Admin. Code tit. 46 § LIII-515

Current through Register Vol. 50, No. 4, April 20, 2024
Section LIII-515 - Prospective Drug Utilization Review
A. A pharmacist shall review the patient record and each prescription presented for dispensing for purposes of enhancing pharmacy care and therapeutic outcomes by recognizing the following potential situations:
1. drug over-utilization or under-utilization;
2. therapeutic duplication;
3. drug-disease contraindications;
4. drug-drug interactions;
5. inappropriate drug dosage or treatment duration;
6. drug-allergy interactions; or
7. clinical abuse/misuse.
B. Upon recognizing any of the above situations, the pharmacist, using professional judgment, shall take appropriate actions.

La. Admin. Code tit. 46, § LIII-515

Promulgated by the Department of Health and Hospitals, Board of Pharmacy, LR 14:708 (October 1988), effective January 1, 1989, amended LR 29:2084 (October 2003), effective January 1, 2004.
AUTHORITY NOTE: Promulgated in accordance with R.S. 37:1182.