La. Admin. Code tit. 28 § CXXXI-307

Current through Register Vol. 50, No. 5, May 20, 2024
Section CXXXI-307 - Introduction
A. The following teacher preparation competencies apply to all content areas and grade levels for which a teacher candidate may be certified to teach.
B. The competencies identify essential knowledge and skills that align with current expectations for practicing teachers, including but not limited to what a teacher candidate must know and be able to do in order to:
1. communicate and collaborate with students, colleagues, families, and community members to support students' learning and development; and
2. design and deliver effective instruction to all students, including students with exceptionalities and students in need of academic and non-academic intervention in a regular education setting.

La. Admin. Code tit. 28, § CXXXI-307

Promulgated by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, LR 32:1798 (October 2006), amended LR 37:559 (February 2011), LR 38:3136 (December 2012, Amended LR 431306 (7/1/2017), Amended LR 451459 (10/1/2019), Amended LR 461376 (10/1/2020), Amended LR 48421 (3/1/2022), Repromulgated LR 481023 (4/1/2022).
AUTHORITY NOTE: Promulgated in accordance with R.S. 17:6(A)(10), (11), and (15), R.S. 17:7(6), R.S. 17:10, R.S. 17:22(6), R.S. 17:391.1-391.10, and R.S. 17:411.