901 Ky. Admin. Regs. 5:025

Current through Register Vol. 48, No. 5, November 1, 2021
Section 901 KAR 5:025 - Kentucky electronic death registration system


NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS Chapter 213 authorizes the Cabinet for Health and Family Services to regulate the registration of deaths in Kentucky. Pursuant to KRS 213.076(1), effective January 1, 2015, all certificates of death shall be filed with the cabinet using the Kentucky Electronic Death Registration System. KRS 213.021 requires the cabinet to promulgate administrative regulations to implement KRS Chapter 213. This administrative regulation establishes a uniform procedure for the filing of all certificates of death through the Kentucky Electronic Death Registration System.

Section 1. Definitions.
(1) "Funeral director" is defined by KRS 316.010(8).
(2) "Kentucky Electronic Death Registration System" or "KY-EDRS" means the system established by the state registrar for accepting certificates of death through electronic means.
(3) "Medical certifier" means an individual authorized under KRS 213.076(5) to certify the cause of death.
Section 2. Registration.
(1) A medical certifier or funeral director who is required pursuant to KRS 213.076 to supply information concerning a death to the state registrar shall provide the information using the KY-EDRS.
(2) A medical certifier or funeral director shall register and obtain access to the KY-EDRS by telephoning the Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics and supplying the following information:
(a) Name;
(b) Address;
(c) Telephone number;
(d) Facsimile number; and
(e) Electronic mail address.
(3) A registered user shall notify the Office of Vital Statistics of a change to any of the information provided in subsection (2) of this section within fifteen (15) calendar days of the change.

901 KAR 5:025

41 Ky.R. 1260; Am. 1566; eff. 2-5-2015; Crt eff. 3/31/2021.

STATUTORY AUTHORITY: KRS 194A.050, 213.021, 213.076