Iowa Admin. Code r. 21-65.1

Current through Register Vol. 46, No. 11, November 29, 2023
Rule 21-65.1 - Definitions

"Accredited veterinarian" means a veterinarian licensed in the state of origin and approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), to perform certain functions of federal and cooperative state-federal programs in accordance with the provision of Title 9 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) §160 through §162.

"Avian influenza- or virulent Newcastle disease-affected area" or "AI- or VND-affected area" means the ten-kilometer circle in which avian influenza subtype H5 or H7 or VND virus has been diagnosed in poultry within the last 30 days prior to importation, unless the department has issued an order during the 30 days identifying a different area or time based on epidemiological reasons.

"Domestic fowl" means any member of the class Aves that is propagated or maintained under control of a person for commercial, exhibition, or breeding purposes or as a pet.

"Feral swine" means swine that are free-roaming.

"Official individual identification" means a unique individual identification that is secure and traceable including, but not limited to, a USDA-approved identification ear tag that conforms to the alphanumeric national uniform ear tagging system; a USDA-approved premises tattoo; a registered purebred tattoo; or identification that conforms to the National Animal Identification System. An owner's private brand or tattoo, even though permanent and registered in the state of origin, is not acceptable official individual identification of an animal for the purpose of entry into Iowa.

"Poultry" means chickens, turkeys, domestic waterfowl, ratites, and domestic game birds, except doves and pigeons.

"Pre-entrypermit" means a written or verbal authorization provided by the department prior to the importation of animals into Iowa. If required, a pre-entry permit number must be obtained and listed on the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection accompanying the animals.

"Recognized slaughter establishment" means a slaughtering establishment operating under the provisions of either the Federal Meat Inspection Act ( 21 U.S.C. 601 et seq.) or an equivalent state meat inspection program.

"Specifically approved auction market" means a stockyard, livestock market, buying station, concentration point, or any other premises under state or federal veterinary supervision where livestock are assembled for sale or sale purposes and which has been approved by USDA as provided in 9 CFR § 71.20.

"Transitional swine " means swine that have been, or have had the potential to be, exposed to feral swine.

"Vesicular stomatitis-affected state" or "VS-affected state" means any state in which vesicular stomatitis (VS) virus serotype New Jersey or Indiana has been diagnosed within the last 60 days prior to animal importation.

Iowa Admin. Code r. 21-65.1

Amended by IAB September 12, 2018/Volume XLI, Number 6, effective 10/17/2018