675 Ind. Admin. Code 16-1.4-7

Current through November 29, 2023
Section 675 IAC 16-1.4-7 - Chapter 6; water supply and distribution

Authority: IC 22-13-2

Affected: IC 22-12; IC 22-13; IC 22-14; IC 22-15; IC 36-7-2-9

Sec. 7.

Chapter 6 is amended as follows:

(a) Delete Section 602.3 in its entirety without substitution.
(b) Amend Section 604.9 to read as follows:
(1) Add a new second sentence as follows: An air chamber is not a water hammer arrestor.
(2) Delete the last sentence in its entirety without substitution.
(c) Amend Table 605.3, WATER SERVICE PIPE, under "copper or alloy tubing" by deleting "M or WM".
(d) Delete Section 605.3.1 without substitution.
(e) Amend Table 605.5, by inserting "Cross-linked" in front of "Polyethylene (PEX-AL-PEX)".
(f) Amend Section 605.22.2 to read as follows: after "A", delete "purple" and after "solvent cement", delete "not purple in color".
(g) Delete Section 606.4 without substitution.
(h) Amend Section 607.1 to add an exception to read as follows:

Exception: An ASSE 1070 point of use device may be omitted if the fixture is supplied with tempered water through an ASSE 1017 master mixing valve.

(i) Amend Section 607.3.2 to add a second sentence to read as follows: When thermal expansion tanks are used for this purpose, there shall be no valves installed between the water heating appliance and the expansion tank.
(j) Amend Table 608.1, APPLICATION OF BACKFLOW PREVENTERS, "Backflow preventer for carbonated beverage machines", to delete "low hazard" and insert "high hazard".
(k) Add Section 608.1.1 to read as follows: The owner of the structure shall have the backflow prevention assembly tested at the time of installation and after relocation.
(l) Add Section 608.1.2 to read as follows: Backflow preventers for hot water over one hundred ten (110) degrees Fahrenheit (43.3 degrees Celsius) shall be a listed type, designed to operate at temperatures of one hundred ten (110) degrees Fahrenheit (43.3 degrees Celsius) or more without rendering any portion of the assembly inoperable.
(m) Amend Section 608.14.1 to delete the text and insert as follows: Location of backflow preventers. Access and clearance shall be provided for the required testing. Access and clearance shall require a minimum of twelve (12) inches (305 mm) between the lowest portion of the assembly and grade, floor, or platform. Installations elevated more than five (5) feet (1,524 mm) above the floor or grade shall be provided with a permanent platform complying with the structural requirements and fire resistive requirements of the Indiana Building Code. Reduced pressure principle backflow preventers and reduced pressure detector assembly backflow preventers shall be installed horizontally, unless otherwise listed, at a location where any leakage from the relief port will be noticed and not subject the backflow preventer to flooding.
(n) Delete the text of Section 608.15.4 and insert as follows: Openings and outlets shall be protected by atmospheric type or pressure type vacuum breakers. The critical level of the atmospheric type vacuum breaker shall be set a minimum of six (6) inches (152 mm) above the flood level rim of the fixture or device. Pressure type vacuum breakers shall be set a minimum of twelve (12) inches (304 mm) above all downstream piping and outlets. Fill valves shall be set in accordance with Section 425.3.1. Vacuum breakers shall not be installed under exhaust hoods or similar locations that will contain toxic fumes or vapors. Pipe-applied atmospheric-type vacuum breakers shall be installed not less than six (6) inches (152 mm), and twelve (12) inches (304 mm) for pressure-type vacuum breakers, above the flood level rim of the fixture, receptor, or device served.
(o) Amend Section 608.16.1 to delete the text and insert as follows: The water supply connection to beverage dispensers shall be protected against backflow by a listed reduced pressure principle backflow preventer. Copper shall not be used downstream from the backflow preventer.
(p) Amend Section 608.16.3 as follows: after "transfer fluid", add "(non-potable water)", and, after "nontoxic transfer fluid", add "(potable water)".
(q) Amend Section 608.16.4 to delete the exceptions without substitution.
(r) Amend Section 608.16.5 as follows: after "A valve,", insert "including system zone valves".
(s) Delete Section 608.17 in its entirety without substitution.

675 IAC 16-1.4-7

Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission; 675 IAC 16-1.4-7; filed Sep 25, 2012, 2:42 p.m.: 20121024-IR-675110448FRA, eff 90 days after filing with the Publisher
Readopted filed 7/3/2018, 2:22 p.m.: 20180801-IR-675180204RFA