675 Ind. Admin. Code 16-1.4-17

Current through November 29, 2023
Section 675 IAC 16-1.4-17 - Appendix C; gray water recycling systems

Authority: IC 22-13-2

Affected: IC 22-12; IC 22-13; IC 22-14; IC 22-15; IC 36-7-2-9

Sec. 17.

Appendix C is adopted in its entirety except as amended:

(a) In Section C101.2, delete the text of the definition of GRAY WATER and insert to read as follows: GRAY WATER means waste water discharged from lavatories, bathtubs, showers, clothes washers, laundry trays, condensate cooling coils, and evaporators.
(b) Delete Section C103 in its entirety without substitution.

675 IAC 16-1.4-17

Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission; 675 IAC 16-1.4-17; filed Sep 25, 2012, 2:42 p.m.: 20121024-IR-675110448FRA, eff 90 days after filing with the Publisher
Readopted filed 7/3/2018, 2:22 p.m.: 20180801-IR-675180204RFA