Ill. Admin. Code tit. 77 § 790.20

Current through Register Vol. 44, No. 48, November 30, 2020
Section 790.20 - Introduction
a) The Illinois Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (Ill. Rev. Stat. 1987, ch. 56 1/2, par. 503.14 ) [410 ILCS 620/3.14 ] allows interchange of different brands or nonbrands of the same generic drug entity for a drug product prescribed by a specific trade name. Products selected for interchange must be pharmaceutically equivalent to the prescribed product and must be listed in a positive drug product formulary known as the Illinois Formulary which has been developed, maintained and issued by the Illinois Department of Public Health (hereinafter referred to as the "Department"). The practice of selecting an equivalent drug product from the Illinois Formulary to dispense instead of the trade name product prescribed is known as Drug Product Selection (DPS).
b) The initial issue of the Illinois Formulary for use in Drug Product Selection became effective on July 1, 1978. Periodic updates to the Illinois Formulary will be distributed by the Department of Public Health. Single copies of the Illinois Formulary shall be provided to all licensed pharmacies with Illinois addresses. Upon request, single copies of the Illinois Formulary will be provided, at no charge, to licensed prescribers, pharmacists practicing their profession in Illinois, to pharmacists seeking reciprocation, students enrolled in a pharmacy curriculum at the University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Pharmacy, the Chicago College of Pharmacy, the St. Louis College of Pharmacy, students enrolled out-of-state in a college of pharmacy who seek a pharmacist licensure in the State of Illinois, or students enrolled in a pharmacy technician program.
c) The Department shall make available to other interested parties a subscription to the Illinois Formulary and its revisions at a fee of $50.00 per year. All subscription fees collected by the Department shall be deposited into the Food and Drug Safety Fund.

Ill. Admin. Code tit. 77, § 790.20

Amended at 17 Ill. Reg. 15916, effective September 20, 1993