Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. 511-9-1-.05

Current through Rules and Regulations filed through August 27, 2020
Rule 511-9-1-.05 - Procedures for Implementing Isolation and Quarantine
(1)Issuance of Isolation or Quarantine Orders. The isolation or quarantine of an individual or group, whether during a declared state of emergency or not, shall be conducted as follows:
(a) A written administrative order to isolate or quarantine an individual or group of individuals shall be issued when voluntary measures are deemed impracticable or ineffective. Orders shall become effective immediately upon issuance.
(b) Orders for isolation and quarantine may include, without limitation, confinement in a residence or other private or public premises including medical and non-medical facilities; conditions on travel or behavior; and exclusion of individuals or groups from certain places, including but not limited to school, workplace, public conveyances, and other places where members of the public may congregate; or a requirement that a person self-monitor specified health conditions (e.g., body temperature) and report their findings.
(c) Administrative orders to isolate or quarantine an individual or a group of individuals may be issued orally if delay in imposing the isolation or quarantine would pose a serious imminent danger to the public health. If an oral order is issued, a written order shall be issued as soon as is reasonably possible, but in no event later than 24 hours following the issuance of the oral order.
(d) A copy of the written order shall be personally delivered to the individual to be isolated or quarantined or, if that is not possible, by any means reasonably calculated to provide actual notice. If the order applies to a group of individuals and it is impractical to provide individual copies, the order shall be posted in a conspicuous place in the isolation or quarantine premises.
(e) The order of isolation or quarantine shall include the following:
1. Full name and address of person or description of the group subject to the order.
2. The clinical grounds for believing that the individual or group is infected with, or may have been exposed to, a communicable disease.
3. The location where the individual or group will be confined during the period of isolation or quarantine
4. The exact date and time when the period of isolation or quarantine will expire. If it is not possible to fix an exact date, then the order should specify the conditions or circumstances under which the individual or group would no longer pose a threat to the public health and confinement would end (e.g., the disappearance or absence of specified clinical symptoms.)
5. The conditions under which the individual or group will be isolated or quarantined.
6. Notice of right to challenge the isolation or quarantine.
(f) When individuals or groups are isolated or quarantined, whether through an administrative order or through voluntary compliance, the Department or county board of health shall determine what method and place of isolation or quarantine is appropriate based upon the suitability of an individual's home or other designated facility and the services available.
(g) To the greatest extent that it is possible to do so without jeopardizing the integrity of the isolation or quarantine, the authority issuing the isolation or quarantine order shall preserve and facilitate the ability of isolated and quarantined individuals to communicate with the outside world, and in particular to exchange confidential communications with legal and medical advisors of their choice.
(2)Appeal From Isolation or Quarantine Orders Issued By a County Board of Health.
(a) Individuals or groups subject to an administrative order issued under the authority of a county board of health may seek review of the order in accordance with O.C.G.A. § 31-5-3(a)by written request to the Department of Public Health, Office of General Counsel, with a copy to the person who signed the order on behalf of the county board of health.
(b) Upon receiving notice of the appeal, the person who signed the isolation or quarantine order shall immediately provide the Office of General Counsel and the subject of the appeal with a copy of all documents pertaining to the decision to issue the order and the grounds therefore. This may be done by electronic means.
(c) The hearing of an appeal from an order of a county board of health shall be conducted by a person designated by the Office of General Counsel. The Department shall make best efforts to expedite a hearing and decision on the appeal, including but not limited to the use of telephonic hearings.
(d) A request for a hearing shall not stay an isolation or quarantine order.
(e) This subsection (2) shall not apply to vaccination or quarantine orders issued during a public health emergency declared by the Governor pursuant to Code Section 38-3-51(a). The appeal procedures specified in Code Section 38-3-51(i)shall apply to such orders.
(3)Control of Isolation and Quarantine Premises.
(a) The Commissioner or District Health Director may authorize physicians, health care workers, or others access to individuals in isolation or quarantine as necessary to meet the needs of isolated or quarantined individuals.
(b) No person shall enter isolation or quarantine premises unless authorized to do so by the Commissioner or by a District Health Director.
(c) Any person entering isolation or quarantine premises may be required to wear personal protective equipment or receive vaccination or any other preventative care as appropriate.
(d) Any person entering isolation or quarantine premises, with or without authorization, may be subject to an order of quarantine as deemed medically necessary.

Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. R. 511-9-1-.05

O.C.G.A. §§ 31-2A-4, 31-12-2.1, 31-5-8, 31-12-3, 31-12-4, 38-3-51.

Original Rule entitled "Procedures for Implementing Isolation and Quarantine" adopted. F. Feb. 2, 2016; eff. Feb. 22, 2016.