3 Colo. Code Regs. § 714-1-C-5

Current through Register Vol. 45, No. 12, June 25, 2022
Section 3 CCR 714-1-C-5

If the person who is the dealer-designee for a partnership or a corporation, ceases to be associated with that partnership or corporation, the dealer shall notify the Board immediately of such fact. In order to prevent hardship, the Board, or its Executive Secretary, may approve a person designated by the licensee to apply to become successor dealer-designee, for a non-renewable period of 60 days, pending approval or denial of such applicant as the permanent dealer-designee. The issuance of a temporary status will be reviewed by the Board at its next regularly scheduled meeting. The following factors shall be taken into account in considering temporary licensure: The applicant's past or current status as a licensed manufactured home salesman or dealer, whether the applicant has ever taken, and passed or failed, an examination administered by the Board and whether the change in dealer-designee is accompanied by a complete or significant change in ownership or overall control of the dealership's business. The applicant for successor dealer-designee shall make application as required by statute and rule, whether or not temporary dealer-designee status is granted by the Board.

3 CCR 714-1-C-5