1 Colo. Code Regs. § 212-3-2-260

Current through Register Vol. 47, No. 12, June 25, 2024
Section 1 CCR 212-3-2-260 - Changing, Altering, or Modifying Licensed Premises

Basis and Purpose - 2-260

The statutory authority for this rule includes but is not limited to sections 44-10-202(1)(c), 44-10-203(1)(c), 44-10-203(1)(e), 44-10-203(1)(k), 44-10-203(2)(a), 44-10-203(2)(h), 44-10-203(2)(w), 44-10-305, 44-10-313(8)(b), and 44-10-313(2) C.R.S. The purpose of this rule is to establish guidelines for changing, altering, modifying, or transitioning the Licensed Premises. This Rule 2-260 was previously Rules M and R 303, 1 CCR 212-1 and 1 CCR 212-2.

A.Application Required to Change, Alter, or Modify Licensed Premises. After obtaining a license, the Licensee shall make no physical change, alteration, or modification of the Licensed Premises that significantly alters the Licensed Premises or the usage of the Licensed Premises from the plans originally approved, without the Division's prior written approval and, written approval or written acknowledgement from the relevant Local Licensing Authority or Local Jurisdiction. The Licensee whose Licensed Premises are to be significantly changed is responsible for filing an application for approval on current forms provided by the Division. Changes to the Licensed Premises which do not require an application must be disclosed on a floorplan submitted with the Licensee's renewal application.
B.What Constitutes a Significant Change. This Rule does not exempt Licensees from complying with any Local Licensing Authority or Local Jurisdiction requirements regarding changes, alterations, or modifications to the Licensed Premises. Significant changes, alterations, or modifications requiring Division approval include, but are not limited to, the following:
1. Any increase or decrease in the total physical size or capacity of the Licensed Premises;
2. The sealing off, creation of or relocation of a common entryway, doorway, passage or other such means of public ingress and/or egress, walk-up window or drive-up window, when such common entryway, doorway, passage, walk-up or drive-up window alters or changes Limited Access Areas, such as the cultivation, harvesting, manufacturing, testing, or sale of Regulated Marijuana within the Licensed Premises; or
3. Any physical modification of the Licensed Premises which would require the installation of additional video surveillance cameras. See Rule 3-225 - Video Surveillance.
C.Attachments to Application. The Division and relevant Local Licensing Authority or Local Jurisdiction may grant approval for the types of changes, alterations, or modifications described herein upon the filing of an application by the Licensee and payment of any applicable fee. The Licensee must submit all information requested by the Division, including but not limited to, documents that verify the following:
1. The Licensee will continue to have possession of the Licensed Premises, as changed, by ownership, lease, or rental agreement; and
2. The proposed change conforms to any local restrictions related to the time, manner, and place of Regulated Marijuana Business regulation.
D.Application Required to Change Mobile Premises. After obtaining a License, a Marijuana Hospitality Business Licensee must apply for Division approval to change the Mobile Premises. The Licensee whose Mobile Premises is to be changed is responsible for filing an application for approval on current forms provided by the Division.
1. The Application to change Mobile Premises must include the following:
a. Documentation that the Mobile Premises is owned or leased by the Marijuana Hospitality Business;
b. The vehicle manufacturer/make, model, and model year associated with the Mobile Premises;
c. The vehicle identification number (VIN) associated with the Mobile Premises;
d. The Colorado license plate number and copy of the registration associated with the Mobile Premises;
e. If applicable, the automatic vehicle identification tag associated with the Mobile Premises; and
f. Repealed.
g. Information demonstrating the proposed Mobile Premises meets the requirements in Rule 6-940(E).
2. Prior to operating the Mobile Premises, the Licensee must obtain a valid permit issued by the Public Utilities Commission for the Marijuana Hospitality Business.

1 CCR 212-3-2-260

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