1 Colo. Code Regs. § 212-3-2-250

Current through Register Vol. 47, No. 12, June 25, 2024
Section 1 CCR 212-3-2-250 - Regulated Marijuana Business that is a Publicly Traded Corporation - Notification of Non-Confidential Securities Filings
A. A Regulated Marijuana Business that is a Publicly Traded Corporation must provide notice on Division forms within two business days of any non-confidential filing with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, the Canadian Securities Administrators, any other securities regulator, or any security exchange on which the Securities are listed or traded. The notice must identify the title of the document and include a hyperlink to the website where the document is publicly available (example EDGAR or SEDAR link for the Publicly Traded Corporation).
B. In addition to any other administrative or investigative requests or inquiries, the Division may contact a Regulated Marijuana Business that is a Publicly Traded Corporation to obtain clarification of a securities filing.
C. This Rule is currently limited to require notice of securities filings that are not confidential. However, this Rule may be evaluated during subsequent rulemaking proceedings and/or in connection with development of a policy regarding confidential securities filings.

Basis and Purpose - 2-255

The statutory basis for this rule includes but is not limited to sections 44-10-202(1)(c), 44-10-202(1)(e), 44-10-203(1)(k), 44-10-203(2)(a), 44-10-203(2)(e), 44-10-203(2)(w), 44-10-203(2)(cc), 44-10-305, 44-10-313(8), and 44-10-313(13), C.R.S. The purpose of this rule is to clarify the application process for changing location of a Licensed Premises. This rule also provides the requirements for a Medical Marijuana Cultivation Facility or a Retail Marijuana Cultivation Facility to obtain a transition permit.

1 CCR 212-3-2-250

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