803 Mass. Reg. 7.11

Current through Register 1523, June 7, 2024
Section 7.11 - Logging Requirements for Information Dissemination
(1) A CJA that provides information obtained from or through CJIS, including CORI and criminal history record information, to another authorized CJA (or to an individual employed by an authorized CJA) other than the inquiring CJA, shall maintain a secondary dissemination log. The log shall contain the following:
(a) subject name;
(b) subject date of birth;
(c) date and time of the dissemination;
(d) name of the individual to whom the information was provided:
(e) name of the agency for which the requestor works; and
(f) specific reason for the dissemination.
(2) The name and address of a motor vehicle owner may be provided to a tow company only if the tow company has a contract directly with the CJA; the contract cannot be with the city or town.
(a) A CJA shall make an entry into a secondary dissemination log each time it releases information to a tow company.
(b) In addition to the information identified 803 CMR 7.11(1), the CJA shall record the registration number and the registration state, or the vehicle identification number, of the towed vehicle in the secondary dissemination log.

803 CMR 7.11

Amended by Mass Register Issue 1333, eff. 2/24/2017.
Amended by Mass Register Issue 1445, eff. 6/11/2021.