803 Mass. Reg. 7.04

Current through Register 1523, June 7, 2024
Section 7.04 - Background Check Requirements
(1) State, national, and state-of-residency fingerprint-based background checks shall be conducted on all individuals, including vendors and contractors, with unescorted access to secure areas of a CJA as required by the CSP. These checks are also required for individuals who have direct access to the CJIS system or to local systems and networks which connect to a CJIS network. These checks are also required for dispatchers and all information technology staff or vendors which work with or service the CJA, regardless of whether such persons are directly employed by the CJA and regardless of whether they have unescorted access to secure areas.

803 CMR 7.04

Amended by Mass Register Issue 1333, eff. 2/24/2017.
Amended by Mass Register Issue 1445, eff. 6/11/2021.