42 C.F.R. § 488.310

Current through September 30, 2021
Section 488.310 - Extended survey
(a)Purpose of survey. The purpose of an extended survey is to identify the policies and procedures that caused the facility to furnish substandard quality of care.
(b)Scope of extended survey. An extended survey includes all of the following:
(1) Review of a larger sample of resident assessments than the sample used in a standard survey.
(2) Review of the staffing and in-service training.
(3) If appropriate, examination of the contracts with consultants.
(4) A review of the policies and procedures related to the requirements for which deficiencies exist.
(5) Investigation of any participation requirement at the discretion of the survey agency.
(c)Timing and basis for survey. The survey agency must conduct an extended survey not later than 14 calendar days after completion of a standard survey which found that the facility had furnished substandard quality of care.

42 C.F.R. §488.310