42 C.F.R. § 447.30

Current through December 30, 2021
Section 447.30 - Withholding the Federal share of payments to Medicaid providers to recover Medicare overpayments
(a)Basis and purpose. This section implements section 1914 of the Act, which provides for withholding the Federal share of Medicaid payments to a provider if the provider has not arranged to repay Medicare overpayments or has failed to provide information to determine the amount of the overpayments. The intent of the statute and regulations is to facilitate the recovery of Medicare overpayments. The provision enables recovery of overpayments when institutions have reduced participation in Medicare or when physicians and suppliers have submitted few or no claims under Medicare, thus not receiving enough in Medicare reimbursement to permit offset of the overpayment.
(b)When withholding occurs. The Federal share of Medicaid payments may be withheld from any provider specified in paragraph (c) of this section to recover Medicare overpayments that CMS has been unable to collect if the provider participates in Medicaid and-
(1) The provider has not made arrangements satisfactory to CMS to repay the Medicare overpayment; or
(2) CMS has been unable to collect information from the provider to determine the existence or amount of Medicare overpayment.
(c) The Federal share of Medicaid payments may be withheld with respect to the following providers:
(1) An institutional provider that has or previously had in effect a Medicare provider agreement under section 1866 of the Act; and
(2) A Medicaid provider who has previously accepted Medicare payment on the basis of an assignment under section 1842(b)(3)(B)(ii) of the Act; and during the 12 month period preceding the quarter in which the Federal share is to be withheld for a Medicare overpayment, submitted no claims under Medicare or submitted claims which total less than the amount of overpayment.
(d)Order to reduce State payment.
(1) CMS may, at its discretion, issue an order to the Medicaid agency of any State that is using the provider's services, to reduce its payment to the provider by the amount specified in paragraph (f) of this section.
(2) The order to reduce payment to the provider will remain in effect until-
(i) The Medicaid agency determines that the overpayment has been completely recovered; or
(ii) CMS terminates the order.
(3) CMS may withhold FFP from any State that does not comply with the order specified in paragraph (d)(1) of this section to reduce payment to the provider and claims FFP for the expenditure on its quarterly expenditure report.
(e)Notice of withholding.
(1) Before the Federal share of payments may be withheld under this section, CMS will notify the provider and the Medicaid agency of each State that CMS believes may use the overpaid provider's services under Medicaid.
(2) The notice will include the instruction to reduce State payments, as provided under paragraph (d) of this section.
(3) CMS will send the notice referred to in paragraph (e)(1) by certified mail, return receipt requested.
(4) Each Medicaid agency must identify the amount of payment due the provider under Medicaid and give that information to CMS in the next quarterly expenditure report.
(5) The Medicaid agency may appeal any disallowance of FFP resulting from the withholding decision to the Grant Appeals Board, in accordance with 45 CFR part 16.
(f) Amount to be withheld. CMS may require the Medicaid agency to reduce the Federal share of its payment to the provider by the lesser of the following amounts.
(1) The Federal matching share of payments to the provider, or
(2) The total Medicare overpayment to the provider.
(g)Effective date of withholding. Withholding of payment will become effective no less than 60 days after the day on which the agency receives notice of withholding.
(h)Duration of withholding. No Federal funds are available in expenditures for services that are furnished by a provider specified in paragraph (c) of this section from the date on which the withholding becomes effective until the termination of withholding under paragraph (i) of this section.
(i)Termination of withholding.
(1) CMS will terminate the order to reduce State payment if it determines that any of the following has occurred:
(i) The Medicare overpayment is completely recovered:
(ii) The institution or person makes an agreement satisfactory to CMS to repay the overpayment; or
(iii) CMS determines that there is no overpayment based on newly acquired evidence or a subsequent audit.
(2) CMS will notify each State that previously received a notice ordering the withholding that the withholding has been terminated.
(j)Procedures for restoring excess withholding. If an amount ultimately determined to be in excess of the Medicare overpayment is withheld, CMS will restore any excess funds withheld.
(k)Recovery of funds from Medicaid agency. A provider is not entitled to recover from the Medicaid agency the amount of payment withheld by the agency in accordance with a CMS order issued under paragraph (d) of this section.

42 C.F.R. §447.30

50 FR 19688, May 10, 1985; 50 FR 23307, June 3, 1985