34 C.F.R. § 682.400

Current through June 30, 2024
Section 682.400 - Agreements between a guaranty agency and the Secretary
(a) The Secretary enters into agreements with a guaranty agency whose loan guarantee program meets the requirements of this subpart. The agreements enable the guaranty agency to participate in the FFEL programs and to receive the various payments and benefits related to that participation.
(b) There are four agreements:
(1)Basic program agreement. In order to participate in the FFEL programs, a guaranty agency must have a basic program agreement. Under this agreement-
(i) Borrowers whose Stafford or Consolidation loans are guaranteed by the agency may qualify for interest benefits that are paid to the lender on the borrower's behalf under § 682.301 ; and
(ii) Lenders under the guaranty agency program may receive special allowance payments from the Secretary and have death, disability, bankruptcy, closed school and false certification discharge claims paid by the Secretary through the guaranty agency.
(2)Federal advances for claim payments agreement. A guaranty agency must have an agreement for Federal advances for claim payments to receive and use Federal advances to pay default claims.
(3)Reinsurance agreement. A guaranty agency must have a reinsurance agreement to receive reimbursement from the Secretary for its losses on default claims.
(4)Loan Rehabilitation Agreement. A guaranty agency must have an agreement for rehabilitating a loan for which the Secretary has made a reinsurance payment under section 428(c)(1) of the Act.
(c) The Secretary's execution of an agreement does not indicate acceptance of any current or past standards or procedures used by the agency.
(d) All of the agreements are subject to subsequent changes in the Act, in other applicable Federal statutes, and in regulations that apply to the FFEL programs.

34 C.F.R. §682.400

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Authority: 20 U.S.C. 1072 , 1078-1 , 1078-2 , 1078-3 , 1082 , 1087 , 1087-1