33 C.F.R. § 127.503

Current through January 31, 2022
Section 127.503 - [Effective until 3/4/2022] Training: General

The operator shall ensure that each of the following is met:

(a) All full-time employees have training in the following subjects:
(1) Basic LNG firefighting procedures.
(2) LNG properties and hazards.
(b) In addition to the training under paragraph (a) of this section, each person assigned for transfer operations has training in the following subjects:
(1) The examined Operations Manual and examined Emergency Manual.
(2) Advanced LNG firefighting procedures.
(3) Security violations.
(4) LNG vessel design and cargo transfer operations.
(5) LNG release response procedures.
(6) First aid procedures for-
(i) Frostbite;
(ii) Burns;
(iii) Cardio-pulminary resuscitation; and
(iv) Transporting injured personnel.
(c) The personnel who received training under paragraphs (a) and (b) of this section receive refresher training in the same subjects at least once every five years.

33 C.F.R. §127.503