15 C.F.R. § 734.2

Current through March 31, 2024
Section 734.2 - Subject to the EAR
(a)Subject to the EAR-Definition.
(1)"Subject to the EAR" is a term used in the EAR to describe those items and activities over which BIS exercises regulatory jurisdiction under the EAR. Conversely, items and activities that are not subject to the EAR are outside the regulatory jurisdiction of the EAR and are not affected by these regulations. The items and activities subject to the EAR are described in §§ 734.2 through 734.5 and 734.9 of this part. You should review the Commerce Control List (CCL) and any applicable parts of the EAR to determine whether an item or activity is subject to the EAR. However, if you need help in determining whether an item or activity is subject to the EAR, see § 734.6 of this part.Publicly available technology and software not subject to the EAR are described in §§ 734.7 , 734.8 , and 734.10 . The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) website at https://www.bis.doc.gov contains several practical examples describing publicly available technology and software that are outside the scope of the EAR under the FAQ section of the website. See the FAQs under the heading, EAR Definitions, Technology and Software, Fundamental Research, and Patents FAQs. The examples are illustrative, not comprehensive.
(2) Items and activities subject to the EAR may also be controlled under export-related programs administered by other agencies. Items and activities subject to the EAR are not necessarily exempted from the control programs of other agencies. Although BIS and other agencies that maintain controls for national security and foreign policy reasons try to minimize overlapping jurisdiction, you should be aware that in some instances you may have to comply with more than one regulatory program.
(3) The term "subject to the EAR" should not be confused with licensing or other requirements imposed in other parts of the EAR. Just because an item or activity is subject to the EAR does not mean that a license or other requirement automatically applies. A license or other requirement applies only in those cases where other parts of the EAR impose a licensing or other requirement on such items or activities.
(b) [Reserved]

15 C.F.R. §734.2

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