Ariz. Admin. Code § 9-8-303

Current through Register Vol. 30, No. 20, May 17, 2024
Section R9-8-303 - Public Portable Toilet Requirements
A. A responsible person or the responsible person's designee shall ensure that:
1. A public portable toilet:
a. Is clean;
b. Is sanitary;
c. Is maintained to avoid odors and insect or vermin infestation;
d. Has a non-absorbent, durable, smooth, leakproof, and rustproof floor, wall, ceiling, and door materials;
e. Has a vent pipe connected to a sewage storage tank that:
i. Is wide enough in diameter to prevent the build up of gasses, and
ii. Extends upwards from the sewage storage tank through the roof of the portable toilet enclosure;
f. Has a supply of toilet paper that is replenished before running out; and
g. Has a self-closing door and privacy latch on the door;
2. Except as provided in subsection (B), one public portable toilet is deployed for the first 100 individuals using or expected to use public portable toilet facilities and one additional public portable toilet is deployed for each additional 100 individuals;
3. Each public portable toilet's sewage storage tank is pumped out on a regular basis to keep the public portable toilet operating as designed;
4. Facilities for washing or sanitizing hands are provided as follows:
a. Except as provided in subsection (B), working portable hand-wash stations are deployed at a minimum rate of one per 10 public portable toilets;
b. Soap, water, and single use towels are continuously provided at each portable hand-wash station; and
c. Where conditions make the use of soap and water impractical, the regulatory authority may allow sanitizing gel in place of soap and water; and
5. Public portable toilets are located a minimum of 100 feet from any food establishment.
B. A responsible person or the responsible person's designee shall ensure that sewage, human excreta, and refuse produced in a public portable toilet:
1. Does not create a public nuisance; and
2. Is disposed of according to 18 A.A.C. 13, Article 3 or 18 A.A.C. 13, Article 11.
C. The regulatory authority may adjust the number of public portable toilets required in subsection (A)(2) and portable hand-wash stations required in (A)(5)(a) provided based on the estimated number of users, the duration of use, and the availability of public restrooms within 200 feet of the public portable toilet.

Ariz. Admin. Code § R9-8-303

Adopted effective April 10, 1997 (Supp. 97-2). Section expire dunder A.R.S. § 41-1056(E) at 8 A.A.R. 2967, effective June 17, 2002 (Supp. 02-2). New Section made by final expedited rulemaking at 24 A.A.R. 389, effective February 7, 2018 (Supp. 18-1).