Ariz. Admin. Code § 9-17-306

Current through Register Vol. 26, No. 41, October 9, 2020
Section R9-17-306 - Changes to a Dispensary Registration Certificate
A. A dispensary may not transfer or assign the dispensary registration certificate.
B. A dispensary may change the location of the:
1. Dispensary:
a. Within the first three years after the Department issues the dispensary's registration certificate, to another location in the CHAA where the dispensary is located; or
b. After the first three years after the Department issues a dispensary registration certificate to the dispensary, to another location in the state; or
2. Dispensary's cultivation site to another location in the state.
C. A dispensary or the dispensary's cultivation site shall not cultivate, manufacture, distribute, dispense, or sell medical marijuana at a new location until the dispensary submits an application for a change in a dispensary location or a change or addition of a cultivation site in R9-17-307 and the Department issues an amended dispensary registration certificate or an approval for the dispensary's cultivation site's new location to the dispensary.

Ariz. Admin. Code § R9-17-306

New Section made by exempt rulemaking at 17 A.A.R. 734, effective April 14, 2011 (Supp. 11-2).