Ariz. Admin. Code § 10-4-503

Current through Register Vol. 28 No. 37, September 16, 2022
Section R10-4-503 - Grant Application Evaluation; Decision of the Commission
A. The Commission shall evaluate each grant application and make a decision to award or deny a grant within 120 days of the date by which grant applications are due.
B. If the Commission determines additional information is needed to facilitate its evaluation of an application, the Commission shall request from the applicant:
1. Additional information, or
2. Application modification.
C. An applicant from whom additional information or application modification is requested shall submit the information or modification to the Commission within 10 business days from the date of the request.
D. After completing its evaluation of an application, the Commission shall vote to award, in whole or in part, or deny a grant based on:
1. The grant criteria published in the grant solicitation;
2. The amount of funds available for allocation; and
3. Compliance with the application format.

Ariz. Admin. Code § R10-4-503

New Section made by final rulemaking at 7 A.A.R. 2217, effective May 11, 2001 (Supp. 01-2). Amended by final rulemaking at 12 A.A.R. 2294, effective August 5, 2006 (Supp. 06-2).