4 Alaska Admin. Code § 05.035

Current through November 14, 2023
Section 4 AAC 05.035 - Part-time enrollment in a public school
(a) A district shall permit its schools to enroll part-time students. A district shall adopt a policy that sets out how a school in the district shall comply with (b) of this section and how the school shall process a request for enrollment of a part-time student. The district shall make the policy available to an interested person.
(b) Subject to the policy that a district has set out under (a) of this section, a public school in the district shall enroll a part-time student, including a private, correspondence, or home school student, who is exempt from compulsory education at a public school under AS 14.30.010(b), if
(1) space is available in a course in which the student desires to enroll;
(2) the enrollment is at the request of the student or the student's parent; for purposes of this paragraph, "parent" has the meaning set out at 4 AAC 52.990;
(3) the student has met the prerequisites for the course that are required of a full-time student; and
(4) the enrollment does not result in an expenditure of public money for the direct benefit of a private educational institution.
(c) A district shall count a part-time student for purposes of public school funding under AS 14.17 according to 4 AAC 09.040.
(d) A district may permit dual enrollment of a part-time student at a public school and a private, correspondence, or home school, if the dual enrollment satisfies the requirements of compulsory education set out at AS 14.30.010.
(e) For the purposes of this section, "part-time student" means a pupil who attends a public school less than a day in session, as "day in session" is defined at AS 14.03.040.

4 AAC 05.035

Eff. 6/2/95, Register 134; am 12/30/98, Register 148

Authority:AS 14.03.080

AS 14.07.020

AS 14.07.060

AS 14.17.920

AS 14.30.010