The most intelligent legal research platform is now integrated with Clio.

Start legal research tailored to your litigation, right from your Clio dashboard. Use a brief or complaint saved in Clio to search with Casetext CARA A.I., and you’ll instantly find cases with the same facts, legal issues, and jurisdiction.

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What is Casetext?

Affordable, intelligent legal research.

Casetext is a legal research platform like Lexis or Westlaw — but with A.I. search technology that finds you more relevant results in less time, and without the high prices.

Casetext CARA A.I.

How does it work?

See relevant cases omitted from a brief.
Research faster — and find better results — by using a document as your search query. After you install Casetext for Clio, go to your Clio dashboard. Then:
  1. Select a complaint or brief from your documents.
  2. Click "more actions" from the dropdown next to the document.
  3. Click “Research with this document.”
CARA A.I. will analyze your document to provide highly relevant, tailored search results.
Casetext brief binder

Brief binder

Have CARA A.I. create your binder for you.

From your CARA A.I. results, click the "Cited In" tab to see all the authorities cited in your document, along with a summary of the holding and flags to show if it is bad law. Easily download or print all of the cited cases to a clean, dual-column pdf.

Easy to use legal research interface on

Researching without a document

Do all your research efficiently and affordably on Casetext.

Enter keywords or a case citation to search Casetext just like you would search Westlaw or Lexis — but without restrictions, hidden fees, and “out of plan” charges.

Casetext’s database includes cases and statutes (federal and 50 states), rules, regulations, briefs, articles by attorneys, and more, all included in the same low price ($65/month).

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be a Casetext subscriber to access this feature?

Yes. Casetext customers can integrate with Clio in one click.

Is there a free trial?

Yes. Start a 14-day free trial here.

What is the pricing?

See Casetext's pricing here.

Can I get a demo or watch a video about Casetext and CARA A.I.?

Yes. You can schedule a 30 minute demo or watch a recorded webinar.

Will there be other integrations with Clio and Casetext?

We are currently working on a feature that will allow you to save your legal research from Casetext to Clio. We’d also love to hear from you about what integrations you would like to see! Let us know at

Start your free trial or subscribe to Casetext now

To add Casetext to Clio you must first subscribe to Casetext. After subscribing to Casetext, click the "Add to Clio" button at the top of this page to instantly integrate Casetext into your Clio account.