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    Holding that "[b]ecause claim preclusion is an affirmative defense, the [defendant] was obligated to raise it in the district court"
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    Recognizing that "[w]here only an approximation of cost or value is possible, discrepancies may have to be endured in the name of administrative flexibility so long as there exists some rational underpinning on the charges levied"
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    Finding tenure by estoppel based on "petitioner's continuing service as a teacher in the District's employ"
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    Affirming Appellate Division ruling that probationary teacher did not have a valid claim under Section 1983 because she did not have a property interest in her position
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    Finding that petitioner's teaching service prior to formal appointment counted toward probationary service because "petitioner was indeed serving as a full-time teacher of woodworking"
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    Decided May 18, 1982 Appeal from the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court in the Third Judicial Department, LAWRENCE E. KAHN, J. Ralph W. Fusco for appellant. Robert Abrams, Attorney-General ( John Q. Driscoll of counsel), for respondents. On review of submissions pursuant to rule 500.2 (b) of the Rules of the Court of Appeals (22 N.Y.CRR 500.2 [b]), order reversed, without costs, and judgment of Special Term reinstated. Respondents' grading of the examination was in contravention of the respondent

  10. Matter of Lehman v. Board of Education

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    In Lehman, a New York appellate court relied on Baronat to hold that "A board of education may not terminate a teaching license without first holding a hearing at which proper procedural safeguards are employed."