30 Cited authorities

  1. New York Times Co. v. Sullivan

    376 U.S. 254 (1964)   Cited 6,356 times   27 Legal Analyses
    Holding that a public official or public figure can recover damages for defamation on a matter of public concern only if he proves that the speaker acted with actual malice
  2. Texas v. Johnson

    491 U.S. 397 (1989)   Cited 1,130 times   6 Legal Analyses
    Holding that Johnson's conviction for burning the American flag violates the First Amendment
  3. McCullen v. Coakley

    134 S. Ct. 2518 (2014)   Cited 333 times   4 Legal Analyses
    Holding unconstitutional buffer zone restriction requiring plaintiffs to stand a substantial distance away from an abortion provider's driveway
  4. Madsen v. Women's Health Center, Inc.

    512 U.S. 753 (1994)   Cited 545 times
    Holding that an injunction against anti-abortion protesters was not viewpoint discriminatory because "none of the restrictions imposed by the court were directed at the contents of petitioner's message."
  5. Naacp v. Claiborne Hardware Co.

    458 U.S. 886 (1982)   Cited 707 times   2 Legal Analyses
    Holding that a state common law prohibition on malicious interference with business could not, under the circumstances, be constitutionally applied to a civil rights boycott of white merchants
  6. Carey v. Brown

    447 U.S. 455 (1980)   Cited 689 times   3 Legal Analyses
    Holding that ordinance violated equal protection where it banned all residential picketing except picketing of a place of employment involved in a labor dispute
  7. Schenck v. Pro-Choice Network, Western N.Y

    519 U.S. 357 (1997)   Cited 245 times
    Holding that an injunction provision that required abortion protestors to move away from abortion clinic patients who asked to be left alone did not violate the First Amendment
  8. Organization for a Better Austin v. Keefe

    402 U.S. 415 (1971)   Cited 497 times
    Holding injunction on dispersing pamphlets with realtor's home phone number and urging recipients to call him to urge certain political stance was prior restraint that violated First Amendment
  9. Legal Services Corporation v. Velazquez

    531 U.S. 533 (2001)   Cited 197 times
    Holding challenged funding condition on legal services unconstitutional because it "exclude[d] certain vital theories and ideas"
  10. Carroll v. Princess Anne

    393 U.S. 175 (1968)   Cited 412 times
    Holding that a First Amendment challenge to an expired restraining order which had enjoined a rally was not moot
  11. Section 500.1 - General requirements

    N.Y. Comp. Codes R. & Regs. tit. 22 § 500.1   Cited 1 times

    (a) All papers shall comply with applicable statutes and rules, particularly the signing requirement of section 130-1.1 -a of this Title. (b) Papers filed. Papers filed means briefs, papers submitted pursuant to sections 500.10 and 500.11 of this Part, motion papers, records and appendices. (c) Method of reproduction. All papers filed may be reproduced by any method that produces a permanent, legible, black image on white paper. Reproduction on both sides of the paper is encouraged. (d) Designation