2 Cited authorities

  1. Section 3 CCR 714-1-P-1

    3 Colo. Code Regs. § 714-1-P-1   Cited 430 times
    Providing that defendant “will repair any leaks resulting from defects in the materials or workmanship”
  2. Rule 8.485 - Application

    Cal. R. 8.485   Cited 8 times

    (a)Writ proceedings governed Except as provided in (b), the rules in this chapter govern petitions to the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal for writs of mandate, certiorari, or prohibition, or other writs within the original jurisdiction of these courts. In all respects not provided for in these rules, rule 8.204 governs the form and content of documents in the proceedings governed by this chapter. (b)Writ proceedings not governed These rules do not apply to proceedings for writs of mandate, certiorari