Wyo. Stat. § 31-2-204

Current with changes from the 2024 Legislative Session, Acts 1-58, 60-118
Section 31-2-204 - [Effective Until 7/1/2024] Issuance of certificates of registration and license plates by county; form; special decals
(a) Upon receipt of an approved application and payment of fees the county treasurer shall issue to the applicant a certificate of registration conforming with the facts set forth in the application together with one (1) license plate or validation sticker for motorcycles, multipurpose vehicles, trailers, including house trailers, and vehicles operated with dealer license plates and two (2) license plates or proper validation stickers for any other vehicle. A copy of the certificate of registration shall be carried at all times in the motor vehicle for which it is valid and shall be displayed upon demand of any peace officer.
(b) Except as otherwise provided, license plates shall be of metal not less than twelve (12) inches long in the left-hand end of which shall be arabic numerals for the county in which issued, followed by the bucking horse and rider emblem and a distinctive number assigned to the vehicle, set forth in numerals and letters as determined by the department and above or underneath such numerals shall be the word "Wyoming" and arabic numerals for the year of issue or validation. License plates issued to dealers and for state or federal official forestry vehicles, motorcycles, multipurpose vehicles and trailers shall contain appropriate identification which may be in lieu of the bucking horse and rider emblem. After the county number on the left-hand end, the license plate may also contain a distinctive symbol or letters, as determined by the department, indicating vehicle type. License plates shall be changed or validated annually. There shall be a marked contrast between the color of the plate and that of the numerals and letters and the background of all plates shall be fully reflectorized. Plates for light utility trailers under one thousand (1,000) pounds, motorcycles and multipurpose vehicles shall not be less than three (3) inches wide and six (6) inches long. Antique license plates shall bear no date and shall bear the inscription "Pioneer Wyo". Distinctive license farm stickers shall be issued by the county treasurer upon request for trucks and trailers used by any farmer or rancher for the transportation of livestock, feed or unprocessed agricultural products owned and produced by the farmer or rancher from the place of production to market and of ranch supplies intended solely for the use of the farmer or rancher, and not for sale, on the return trip, and not for the transportation of goods and persons for hire. Farm stickers shall bear the inscription "Farm".
(c) The distinctive license plate numbers shall begin with one (1) and be numbered consecutively in each county. In ordering license plates the department may from year to year change the location of the figures, words and letters or validation sticker as deemed necessary.
(d) For the purposes of this section, the several counties of the state shall be numbered as follows: Albany-5, Big Horn-9, Campbell-17, Carbon-6, Converse-13, Crook-18, Fremont-10, Goshen-7, Hot Springs-15, Johnson-16, Laramie-2, Lincoln-12, Natrona-1, Niobrara-14, Park-11, Platte-8, Sheridan-3, Sublette-23, Sweetwater-4, Teton-22, Uinta-19, Washakie-20, Weston-21, and new counties shall be assigned numbers by the department as they may be formed, beginning with the number 24.
(e) For the purposes of this chapter, provisions for license plates for motorcycles shall apply to autocycles.
(f) Any person may apply for one (1) set of decals for breast cancer awareness for any license plate issued under this article. A decal supporting breast cancer awareness shall bear the breast cancer ribbon symbol and shall be attached in the lower left corner of the license plate without obscuring any other symbols, letters or numbers on the license plate. Application forms shall be available at all county treasurer's offices. Each applicant for a decal under this subsection shall submit an administration fee with the application. The fee shall be in an amount determined by the department to be sufficient to recover reasonable administrative costs of the decal, but not more than five dollars ($5.00) per set of decals for any one (1) vehicle. Upon completion of the application, receipt of the administration fee and issuance or renewal of a license plate under this article, the county treasurer shall issue to the applicant the number of decals corresponding to the number of license plates issued or renewed. Decals issued under this subsection shall not be required to be renewed upon renewal of a license plate. The replacement fee for a decal under this subsection shall be the same as for the original decal.

W.S. 31-2-204

Amended by Laws 2023, ch. 100,§ 1, eff. 7/1/2023.
Amended by Laws 2017 , ch. 48, § 1, eff. 7/1/2017.
Amended by Laws 2015 , ch. 69, § 1, eff. 7/1/2015.
Amended by Laws 2014 , ch. 112, § 1, eff. 7/1/2014.
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