Tenn. Code § 40-30-202

Updated March 1, 2019
40-30-202. Commission created -- Role

(a) On July 1, 2011, the post-conviction defender oversight commission is created. This part also creates the office of post-conviction defender to provide for the representation of any person convicted and sentenced to death in this state who is unable to secure counsel due to indigence, and that legal proceedings to challenge that conviction and sentence may be commenced in a timely manner and so as to assure the people of this state that the judgments of its courts may be regarded with the finality to which they are entitled in the interests of justice. The operation of the post-conviction defender oversight commission and office of post-conviction defender shall be consistent with professional standards and shall not compromise independent professional judgment or create a professional or institutional conflict of interest, appearance of impropriety, breach of attorney-client confidence or secret or other violation of the Tennessee Rules of Professional Conduct or the Tennessee Code of Judicial Conduct.

(b) The post-conviction defender oversight commission shall be strictly administrative in nature and shall oversee budget, staffing and caseload concerns. In order to avoid possible conflicts, relating to cases assigned to the post-conviction defender's office, no member of the commission shall advise, consult or otherwise directly assist the post-conviction defender or the post-conviction defender's staff in providing legal representation in such cases.

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