Okla. Stat. tit. 71, § 626

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§71-626. Public offering statements - Contents - Violations - Uses

A. It shall be unlawful for a person to dispose of an interest in subdivided lands, pursuant to a registration under this Code, unless a current public offering statement is delivered to the purchaser at the expense of the subdivider or his agent at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to any sale, contract to sell or option to purchase and unless the purchaser is afforded a reasonable opportunity to examine and is permitted to retain the public offering statement. The subdivider shall obtain and retain a receipt, signed by the purchaser, acknowledging receipt of a copy of the public offering statement prior to the execution by the purchaser of any contract or agreement for the disposition of any lot in a subdivision, which receipt shall be kept in the files of the subdivider and be subject to inspection by the Administrator for a period of three (3) years from the date the receipt is taken.

B. A public offering statement shall disclose fully and accurately all material circumstances or features which affect the subdivided lands or which would be a material consideration in making the purchasing decision. The proposed public offering statement shall be submitted to the Administrator as required by paragraph 20 of Section 625 of this Code and shall be in such form and contain such information as the Administrator by rule requires, including:

1. The name, principal address and telephone number of the subdivider, his offices and agents in this state;

2. A general description of the subdivided lands including a statement of the total number of lots to be offered;

3. A statement as to whether the subdivider holds any option to purchase adjacent properties and, if so, a description of such option and the location and zoning of the adjacent properties;

4. The assistance, if any, that the subdivider, his agents or affiliates will provide to the purchaser in the resale of the property and the extent to which the subdivider, his agents or affiliates will be in competition in the event of resale;

5. The material terms of any encumbrances, easements, liens and restrictions including zoning and other regulations affecting the subdivided lands and each unit or lot, the efforts to remove such liens or encumbrances, the results of the success or failure thereof, and all existing taxes and existing or proposed special taxes or assessments which affect the subdivided lands;

6. The use for which the property is to be offered;

7. Information concerning existing or proposed improvements including, but not limited to, streets, water supply, levees, drainage control systems, irrigation systems, sewage disposal systems and customary utilities and the estimated cost, date of completion and responsibility for construction and maintenance of existing and proposed improvements which are referred to in connection with the offering or disposition of any lot in subdivided lands;

8. Such financial statements of the subdivider as the Administrator may require;

9. The topographic and climatic characteristics of the subdivided lands and adjacent area;

10. A statement of the existing provisions for access of the subdivision to community fire protection, the location of primary and secondary schools, the proximity to municipalities and the population thereof, the improvements installed or to be installed, including off-site and on-site community and recreational facilities, by whom they were or are to be installed, maintained or paid for, and an estimate of completion thereof; and

11. Such additional information as may be required by the Administrator including any of the information contained in the application for registration.

C. The public offering statement shall not be used for any promotional purpose before registration of the subdivided lands and afterwards it shall be used only in its entirety. It shall be unlawful for any person to advertise or represent that the Administrator has approved or recommended the subdivided lands or a disposition thereof. No portion of the public offering statement may be underscored, italicized or printed in larger or heavier or different colored type than the remainder of the statement unless required or approved by the Administrator.

D. The Administrator may require the subdivider or his agent to alter or amend the proposed public offering statement in order to provide full and fair disclosure to prospective purchasers.

Added by Laws 1977, c. 95, § 626.