Nev. Rev. Stat. § 678B.050

Current through 82nd (2023) Legislative Session Chapter 535 and 34th (2023) Special Session Chapter 1 and 35th (2023) Special Session Chapter 1
Section 678B.050 - "Excluded felony offense" defined
1. "Excluded felony offense" means a conviction of an offense that would constitute a category A felony if committed in this State or convictions for two or more offenses that would constitute felonies if committed in this State.
2. The term does not include:
(a) A criminal offense for which the sentence, including any term of probation, incarceration or supervised release, was completed more than 10 years ago; or
(b) An offense involving conduct that would be immune from arrest, prosecution, or penalty pursuant to this title, except that the conduct occurred before October 1, 2001, or was prosecuted by an authority other than the State of Nevada.

NRS 678B.050

Added to NRS by 2019, 3790
Added by 2019, Ch. 595,§87, eff. 7/1/2020.