La. Code Civ. Proc. art. 195.1

Current with changes from the 2024 legislative session effective on or before 7/1/2024, through Act 792
Section 195.1 - [Effective 8/1/2024] Judicial proceedings by remote technology
A. In any civil proceeding that does not require witness testimony or the introduction of evidence, a party may provide written notice to the court at least ten days prior to the scheduled hearing date that he will appear remotely. Provided the court has the requisite technology, the court shall allow the party to appear by any audio-visual means, unless the court provides written reasons declining the remote appearance for good cause.
(1) When allowing a remote appearance pursuant to this Article, the court shall ensure the technology enables all parties, whether appearing remotely or in person, to fully participate.
(2) The court shall require that a remote appearance by a party abide by any necessary privacy and security requirements appropriate for the conference, hearing, proceeding, or trial as established by the court.
C. The court shall have a process for a party, court reporter, or other court personnel to alert of any technology or audibility issues arising during a remote proceeding.
D. A judge trial may be conducted by any audio-visual means with the consent of all parties and permission of the court.

La. C.P. § 195.1

Acts 2022, No. 372, §1.
Amended by Acts 2024, No. 463,s. 1, eff. 8/1/2024.
Added by Acts 2022, No. 372,s. 1, eff. 8/1/2022.
This section is set out more than once due to postponed, multiple, or conflicting amendments.