Ky. Rev. Stat. § 413.241

Current through 2019 Ky. Acts ch. 202
Section 413.241 - Legislative finding - Limitation on liability of licensed sellers or servers of intoxicating beverages - Liability of intoxicated person
(1) The General Assembly finds and declares that the consumption of intoxicating beverages, rather than the serving, furnishing, or sale of such beverages, is the proximate cause of any injury, including death and property damage, inflicted by an intoxicated person upon himself or another person.
(2) Any other law to the contrary notwithstanding, no person holding a permit under KRS Chapters 241 to 244, nor any agent, servant, or employee of the person, who sells or serves intoxicating beverages to a person over the age for the lawful purchase thereof, shall be liable to that person or to any other person or to the estate, successors, or survivors of either for any injury suffered off the premises including but not limited to wrongful death and property damage, because of the intoxication of the person to whom the intoxicating beverages were sold or served, unless a reasonable person under the same or similar circumstances should know that the person served is already intoxicated at the time of serving.
(3) The intoxicated person shall be primarily liable with respect to injuries suffered by third persons.
(4) The limitation of liability provided by this section shall not apply to any person who causes or contributes to the consumption of alcoholic beverages by force or by falsely representing that a beverage contains no alcohol.
(5) This section shall not apply to civil actions filed prior to July 15, 1988.

KRS 413.241

Amended by 2013 Ky. Acts ch. 121,§ 103, eff. 6/24/2013.

Effective:July 15, 1998 Amended 1998, Ky. Acts ch. 121, sec. 36, effectiveJuly 15, 1998. -- Created 1988 Ky. Acts ch. 434, sec. 1, effective July 15, 1988.