Cal. Pub. Util. Code § 99561.2

Current through 2020 Notice Register, No. 38, September 18, 2020
Section 99561.2

The initial determination as to whether the charges of unfair practices are justified, and, if so, what remedy is necessary to effectuate the purposes of this chapter, shall be a matter within the exclusive jurisdiction of the board. Procedures for investigating, hearing, and deciding these cases shall be devised and promulgated by the board.

(a) Any employee, employee organization, or employer shall have the right to file an unfair practice charge, except that the board shall not issue a complaint in respect of any charge based upon an alleged unfair practice occurring more than six months prior to the filing of the charge.
(b) The board shall not have authority to enforce agreements between the parties, and shall not issue a complaint on any charge based on alleged violation of such an agreement that would not also constitute an unfair practice under this chapter.

Ca. Pub. Util. Code § 99561.2

Added by Stats 2003 ch 833 (AB 199), s 1, eff. 1/1/2004.