Cal. Lab. Code § 1394

Current through 2020 Notice Register, No. 38, September 18, 2020
Section 1394

This chapter and Chapter 2 (commencing with Section 1285) do not prohibit or prevent either of the following:

(a) The employment of any minor at agricultural, horticultural, viticultural, or domestic labor during the time the public schools are not in session, or during other than school hours, when the work performed is for or under the control of his parent or guardian and is performed upon or in connection with premises owned, operated or controlled by the parent or guardian. However, nothing herein shall permit children under schoolage to work at these occupations while the public schools are in session.
(b) The full-time employment of minors who meet all other legal employment requirements, if they are exempt from compulsory school attendance under Section 48231 of the Education Code.

Ca. Lab. Code § 1394

Amended by Stats 2017 ch 561 (AB 1516),s 168, eff. 1/1/2018.