Cal. Evid. Code § 956

Current through 2020 Notice Register, No. 38, September 18, 2020
Section 956
(a) There is no privilege under this article if the services of the lawyer were sought or obtained to enable or aid anyone to commit or plan to commit a crime or a fraud.
(b) This exception to the privilege granted by this article shall not apply to legal services rendered in compliance with state and local laws on medicinal cannabis or adult-use cannabis, and confidential communications provided for the purpose of rendering those services are confidential communications between client and lawyer, as defined in Section 952, provided the lawyer also advises the client on conflicts with respect to federal law.

Ca. Evid. Code § 956

Amended by Stats 2017 ch 530 (AB 1159),s 2, eff. 10/6/2017.