Ariz. Rev. Stat. § 16-101

Current through L. 2022, ch. 388
Section 16-101 - [Effective Until 9/23/2022] Qualifications of registrant; definition
A. Every resident of the state is qualified to register to vote if he:
1. Is a citizen of the United States.
2. Will be eighteen years of age or more on or before the date of the regular general election next following his registration.
3. Will have been a resident of the state twenty-nine days next preceding the election, except as provided in section 16-126.
4. Is able to write his name or make his mark, unless prevented from so doing by physical disability.
5. Has not been convicted of treason or a felony, unless restored to civil rights.
6. Has not been adjudicated an incapacitated person as defined in section 14-5101.
B. For purposes of this title, "resident" means an individual who has actual physical presence in this state, or for purposes of a political subdivision actual physical presence in the political subdivision, combined with an intent to remain. A temporary absence does not result in a loss of residence if the individual has an intent to return following his absence. An individual has only one residence for purposes of this title.

A.R.S. § 16-101

This section is set out more than once due to postponed, multiple, or conflicting amendments.