Ariz. Rev. Stat. § 15-362

Current through L. 2022, ch. 222
Section 15-362 - Libraries; powers and duties; authority to contract with a county, county free library or other public library
A. The governing board of a school district may establish and maintain libraries. Such libraries shall be under control of the board. The board shall be accountable for the care of the libraries, but it may appoint district librarians, or it may put the libraries under direct charge of a teacher or other qualified person. When requested, the board shall report on the libraries to the county school superintendent on forms supplied by the superintendent of public instruction.
B. The governing board shall:
1. Enforce the rules prescribed for government of school libraries.
2. Exclude from school libraries all books, publications and papers of a sectarian, partisan or denominational character. This paragraph does not prohibit any materials for the elective course permitted by section 15-717.01.
C. A district library shall be free to all pupils of suitable age who attend the school. Residents of the district may become entitled to library privileges by payment of fees and compliance with regulations prescribed by the board. The governing board may enter into a contract or agreement with the proper authorities of a county free library or other public library possessing facilities for rendering the desired service for the procurement of reference or other library books or the extension services of such library. The amount expended shall not exceed two percent of the total school district budget for the school year during which the services are utilized.
D. A school district governing board may enter into intergovernmental agreements with counties, county free library districts and municipal libraries in the county where the school district is located.

A.R.S. § 15-362

Amended by L. 2016, ch. 337,s. 2, eff. 8/5/2016.
Amended by L. 2015, ch. 103,s. 3, eff. 7/2/2015.