Colo. R. Civ. P. 229

As amended through Rule Change 2021(19), effective September 23, 2021
Rule 229 - Legal Regulation Committee
(a)Legal Regulation Committee. The Legal Regulation Committee (Regulation Committee) is a permanent committee of the Supreme Court. See C.R.C.P. 251.2.
(b)Powers and Duties. In addition to the powers and duties set forth in C.R.C.P. 251.2, the Regulation Committee is authorized and empowered to act in accordance with this rule by:
(1) Requesting investigations as authorized by Chapter 19, Unauthorized Practice of Law Rules ("these Rules");
(2) Determining whether to authorize filing petitions for injunction or contempt, to authorize entry into stipulations with respondents, to place proceedings in abeyance, to direct further investigation, or to dismiss proceedings with or without conditions, or to make other determinations as authorized by these Rules;
(3) Reviewing dismissals by Regulation Counsel under these Rules; and
(4) Recommending to the Advisory Committee proposed changes to these Rules.
(c)Disqualification. Regulation Committee members must refrain from taking part in a proceeding under this rule in which a judge, similarly situated, would be required to abstain. A Regulation Committee member must also refrain from making determinations under C.R.C.P. 232.5 where a lawyer associated with the member's law firm is in any way connected with the matter pending before the Regulation Committee.
(d)Special Counsel. If the Regulation Counsel has been disqualified or if other circumstances so warrant, the Regulation Committee or its Chair may appoint special counsel to conduct or assist with investigations and prosecutions in accordance with these Rules.

C.R.C.P. 229

Source: d amended and adopted December 14, 1995, effective January 1, 1996; b and c amended and adopted October 29, 1998, effective January 1, 1999; amended and adopted by the Court, En Banc, April 16, 2020, effective April 16, 2020, effective immediately.