Utah Admin. Code 156-26a-302b

Current through Bulletin 2021-14, July 15, 2021
Section R156-26a-302b - Qualifications for Licensure - Experience Requirements

In accordance with Subsections 58-1-203(1)(b) and 58-1-301(3), the experience requirements for licensure in Section 58-26a-302 are clarified, or supplemented as follows:

(1) The Division in collaboration with the board may accept experience of a person who holds a license as a certified public accountant or equivalent designation in a foreign country, if the applicant has obtained from NASBA verification of compliance with the terms of an agreement for reciprocal licensure between the foreign country and the International Qualifications Appraisal Board of NASBA, which agreement provides the applicant's examinations, education and experience is determined to be substantially equivalent to the Eighth Edition, January 2018 Uniform Accountancy Act licensure requirements or a version of the Uniform Accountancy Act having substantially equivalent requirements.

Utah Admin. Code R156-26a-302b

Amended by Utah State Bulletin Number 2019-23, effective 11/7/2019