N.Y. Comp. Codes R. & Regs. tit. 12 § 23-1.8

s 23-1.8 - Personal protective equipment

(a) Eye protection.

Approved eye protection equipment suitable for the hazard involved shall be provided for and shall be used by all persons while employed in welding, burning or cutting operations or in chipping, cutting or grinding any material from which particles may fly, or while engaged in any other operation which may endanger the eyes.

(b) Respirators.

(1) General. Where this Part (rule) requires a respirator to be provided, the employer shall furnish and the employee shall use an approved respirator. Such respirator shall be approved for the type of operation for which it is to be used and for the particular air contaminant present. The employer shall maintain such respirator in good repair and shall furnish the means for its continued proper working condition. The employer shall provide daily inspection and cleaning and weekly disinfecting of such respirators. Respirators shall be disinfected before being transferred from one person to another. When not in use, respirators shall be stored in closed containers.

(2) Air line respirators.

(i) The air supply line from an air compressor to an air line respirator shall be provided with a filter which will effectively remove pipe scale, water, oil mists and noxious vapors from the compressed air.

(ii) The air supply line to an air line respirator shall be provided with a pressure regulating valve which shall be present for the maximum pressure specified by the manufacturer subject to the following limitation: the specified air pressure at the point of attachment of the hose to the air supply system shall not exceed 125 pounds per square inch gage.

(iii) Air supplied to any type of air line respirator shall be taken from a source free from harmful contaminants.

(c) Protective apparel.

(1) Head protection. Every person required to work or pass within any area where there is a danger of being struck by falling objects or materials or where the hazard of head bumping exists shall be provided with and shall be required to wear an approved safety hat. Such safety hats shall be provided with liners during work in areas or at such times where the temperature is below 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

(2) Foot protection. Every person required to work or pass in water, mud, wet concrete or in any other wet footing shall be provided with waterproof boots having safety insoles or with pullover boots or rubbers over safety shoes.

(3) Waterproof clothing. Every employee required to work in rain, snow or similar wetting conditions shall be provided with a waterproof coat, pants and hat. Such hat may be an approved safety hat if required by this Part (rule).

(4) Protection from corrosive substances. Every employee required to use or handle corrosive substances or chemicals shall be provided with and shall be required to wear appropriate protective apparel as well as approved eye protection.

(d) Cleanliness of personal protective equipment.

(1) All personal protective equipment shall be kept clean and in good repair. Before being transferred from one employee to another, safety hats, foul weather hats, boots and hat and boot liners shall be washed or dry cleaned.

(2) Goggles, glasses and welder's shields shall be disinfected before being transferred from one employee to another.


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12 CRR-NY 23-1.8 Current through July 31, 2018