Ill. Admin. Code tit. 11 § 603.200

Current through Register Vol. 45, No. 17, April 23, 2021
Section 603.200 - Out of Competition Testing
a) Any horse on the grounds of a racetrack under the jurisdiction of the Board, or stabled off-track, while under the care or control of a trainer or owner licensed by the Board, is subject to testing for blood and/or gene doping agents, with reasonable notice. This Section does not apply to therapeutic medications approved by the FDA for use in the horse.
b) Horses to be tested may be selected at random, with probable cause, or as determined by the Board for out of competition testing. The trainer is responsible to have the horse or horses available at a designated time and location (racetrack).
c) The Board Veterinarian, or any licensed veterinarian or licensed veterinary technician authorized by the Board, may, at any time, take a urine, blood or hair sample from a horse for out of competition testing.
d) Prohibited substances, practices and procedures are defined as:
1) blood doping agents including, but not limited to, erythropoietin (EPO), darbepoetin, oxyglobin, hemopure, aranesp, or any substance that abnormally enhances the oxygenation of body tissues.
2) gene doping agents or the non-therapeutic use of genes, genetic elements, and/or cells that have the capacity to enhance athletic performance or produce analgesia.
e) Cooperation with the Board Veterinarian, or any licensed veterinarian or licensed veterinary technician authorized by the Board, includes:
1) assisting in the immediate location and identification of the horse selected for out of competition testing;
2) providing a stall or safe location to collect the samples;
3) assisting the veterinarian in properly procuring the samples; and
4) obeying any instructions necessary to accomplish the requirements of this Section.
f) Referee samples will be collected pursuant to Section 603.120.
g) The Board may suspend, exclude and/or otherwise penalize any licensee or other person who does not fully cooperate with a Board employee or representative while taking action to enforce this Section.
h) Out of competition samples will be sent to the official laboratory of the Board, or other laboratory as designated by the Board.

Ill. Admin. Code tit. 11, § 603.200

Added at 32 Ill. Reg. 7397, effective May 1, 2008