302 Mass. Reg. 12.08

Current through Register Vol. 1431; November 27, 2020
Section 12.08 - Rules of Conduct on DCR Properties - Camping and Campsites
(1) No person may camp on DCR property, except in a designated campsite, camping structure, or camping area.
(2) DCR camping facilities shall be deemed to be a temporary recreational use. No designated campsite or camping structure shall be used as a residence or domicile.
(3) The Department may, in the interest of public health, safety or the proper operation of a DCR property, designate the maximum number of persons allowed to occupy or visit each campsite at a DCR campground. Campsite occupancy shall be limited to a maximum of four adults with no children or two adults and the children under their care.
(4) Group sites in established campgrounds are intended for groups of ten or more. Groups of fewer than ten people may be required to transfer to non-group DCR campsites.
(5) Groups using backcountry campsites or shelters may not exceed ten people.
(6) No person may register for more than one campsite or camping structure for the same period of time.
(7) No person may register for a campsite or camping structure under a false name.
(8) No person may register for a campsite or camping structure unless his camping equipment is present at the time of registration.
(9) At the time of registration, DCR requires the name and address of a campsite's primary occupant, as well as the names of all other occupants. Proof of acceptable government issued identification is required at the time of registration for the primary occupant and may be required for all other campers 14 years of age or older.
(10) The primary occupant is responsible for the actions of all occupants on that site and all visitors to that site. Any violation of Massachusetts General Laws or regulations, including DCR's rules and regulations, by any occupant or visitor shall be cause for immediate eviction of all concerned parties. Campers who are evicted are not entitled to any reimbursement or refund of camping, reservation, parking, or any other related fees paid in advance.
(11) All personal property and equipment must be removed from a designated campsite or camping structure at the end of a camper's occupancy period.
(12) No rented camping site, camping structure or camping area shall be left unoccupied by persons on the first night of registration, nor shall the campsite or camping structure be left unoccupied by persons for a period in excess of 12 contiguous hours thereafter.
(13) All unnecessary noise shall be avoided in any designated campsite or camping structure of the DCR.
(14) No person shall operate or use any audio device, including radio, television, musical instrument or other noise producing device, such as a generator or other equipment operated by a motor or engine, in such a manner or at such times so as to disturb other persons.
(15) Quiet hours at DCR camping facilities shall be between 10:00 P.M. and 7:00 A.M.
(16) The use of generators is not permitted during quiet hours, except for the purpose of operating a medical device.
(17) Check-out time for campers vacating campsites and camping structures shall be no later than 11:00 A.M. A camper who fails to vacate a campsite or camping structure on time may be subject to additional camping fees.
(18) Except on designated group camping sites, no person may pitch, erect or place on any DCR campsite more than two tents or one recreational camping vehicle and one small tent. Tents shall be limited to 300 square feet of combined floor space. With the exception of rain tarps, tent flies or screen houses, no other structures shall be erected on a DCR campsite.
(19) No structures, including, but not limited to, personal swimming or wading pools, trampolines, horseshoe pits, household furniture, unnecessary lighting or any other objects that may create a public safety hazard may be placed on DCR campsites.
(20) On sites containing DCR camping structures, such as yurts or cabins, no person may pitch more than one small tent unless approved by the Department.
(21) No person, except a law enforcement official or other duly authorized official, shall bring a horse or horses into a campground or camping area unless such area is designated as allowing horse camping.
(22) Where pets are allowed, no more than four pets may be kept at a designated campsite.
(23) No person may allow a DCR campsite or camping structure to become or remain in an unclean, unsanitary or unsightly condition during the period of occupancy.
(24) Day visitors or persons occupying DCR campsites or camping structures shall be required to park their vehicles in such places and in a manner as directed by DCR personnel.
(25) No more than five persons shall be permitted to visit a DCR campsite or camping structure at any given time.
(26) Visiting hours to DCR campsites or camping structures are between 8:00 A.M. and 8:00 P.M.
(27) All safari camping units must be self-contained, (i.e., on-board fresh water and sewage holding tank(s)) unless approved by the Department.
(28) Youth groups utilizing group campsites on DCR property shall consist of at least two adult counselors and an adult counselor to youth ratio of not less than one to ten, unless otherwise determined by the Department. The adult counselors shall take responsibility for the group and shall remain with the group during the entire period of occupancy.
(29) No person may leave a child younger than 15 years old unattended at any campsite, camping structure or camping area.
(30) No person who is younger than 18 years old may camp in, or stay at, a DCR campsite or camping structure except:
(a) When accompanied by a parent or legal guardian; or
(b) When accompanied by an adult who has written permission from the minor camper's parent or legal guardian; or
(c) When a child is part of an organized youth group occupying a DCR campsite or camping structure under the direct supervision of two or more authorized adult counselors, and such adult counselors have written permission from each child's parent or legal guardian.
(31) Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, no person or recreational camping vehicle may occupy any single camping facility for a period of time exceeding 14 cumulative calendar days unless approved by the Department. Such approval shall be granted from one to three days at a time, only if:
(a) Newly arrived campers can be accommodated in the camping area; and
(b) The registered camper has complied with all DCR regulations, rules and policies while camping.
(32) DCR may approve registration of a recreational camping vehicle for more than 14 cumulative days between Memorial and Labor Day only if:
(a) An extension is approved under 302 CMR 12.08(31); or
(b) The campsite or camping structure is registered in the name of a camper who has not previously registered in the campground between Memorial Day and Labor Day and the camping equipment or recreational camping vehicle has not occupied a site within the campground within the previous 14 days.
(33) No person or group shall stay in a designated backcountry campsite or shelter more than two consecutive nights except in case of emergency or illness.
(34) Backcountry campers must remove all litter and waste from the campsite.
(35) No person may operate, maintain or use any trailer waste station unless that person is in a recreational camping vehicle and has paid all fees associated with such service.
(36) No sewage or gray water from tents or recreational camping vehicles shall be disposed of on the premises of a designated campground, campsite, or camping structure except at a designated sewage disposal site.
(37) A person who builds a fire in a designated day use area or camping area must fully extinguish such fire not less than 30 minutes before departing the area.

302 CMR 12.08

Adopted by Mass Register Issue 1272, eff. 10/24/2014.