302 Mass. Reg. 12.06

Current through Register Vol. 1431; November 27, 2020
Section 12.06 - Rules of Conduct on DCR Properties - Beaches
(1) All persons recreating within the boundaries of that portion of a beach designated for swimming shall adhere to any and all requests or direction from DCR personnel, including, but not limited to, lifeguards or law enforcement officials.
(2) Youth organizations, agencies, and groups that wish to utilize DCR beaches and designated swimming areas for any group activity must obtain a recreational use permit or special use permit in accordance with 302 CMR 12.17(4) or (2).
(3) No person may swim, bathe, dive or wade from any watercraft, personal watercraft, dock, raft, or pier; nor may any person swim, bathe, dive, or wade from the shoreline of DCR property unless such shoreline is officially designated as a swimming area and such activity occurs during designated swimming hours.
(4) No person may possess any glass or other breakable container within any DCR designated swimming area, including, but not limited to, beverage containers, food containers or personal care items which may pose a safety risk to other users.
(5) No person may utilize any form of smoking materials within designated DCR swimming areas.
(6) No person may use a snorkel within a DCR designated swimming area. DCR personnel may allow such equipment to be used by designated individuals and personnel only during designated structured training programs, during DCR property maintenance, for searches, or for safety and rescue purposes.
(7) Unless within public tidelands during daylight hours, no person may scuba dive or snorkel in DCR designated swimming areas.
(8) No person may utilize any flotation devices within DCR swimming or wading pools, or other waterfront DCR property, unless authorized by DCR personnel. (Flotation devices under 302 CMR 12.06(8) include, but are not limited to, inner tubes, ring buoys, air mattresses, beach balls, swimmies, inflatable novelty toys, noodles, or any other similar devices designed and utilized for the purposes of keeping person(s) afloat.) When such authorization is granted, only specific devices will be allowed, including U.S. Coast Guard approved personal flotation devices ("PFDs" or "life jackets") designed for the size and weight of the wearer; these devices shall be allowed when a parent or adult is assisting the wearer. Personal flotation devices designed to be towed by open water swimmers may be allowed in areas where designated by the department.
(9) No person may use or offer for use any equipment, tools, toys, novelty items, snorkels or other such items within a DCR designated swimming area when the use of said items may pose a significant health or safety risk to the user, to bystanders or to any other user within the designated swimming area.
(10) No person or pet, horse, or domesticated animal under a person's custody may enter a sensitive beach habitat posted as restricted.
(11) Pets, horses, and other domesticated animals are not allowed on coastal beaches or in designated swimming areas of inland beaches from May 1st through September 15th each year, unless otherwise posted.
(12) No person may change or allow the changing of any clothing or diapers in or around a DCR designated swimming area except in designated changing locations. All diapers or other similar waste materials shall be disposed of properly in designated receptacles.
(13) No person may utilize a surf board, skim board or boogie board for any purpose within the boundaries of a designated swimming area of a beach without first obtaining permission from DCR personnel.

302 CMR 12.06

Adopted by Mass Register Issue 1272, eff. 10/24/2014.