49 C.F.R. § 1104.4

§ 1104.4 Attestation and verification

(a) Signature of attorney or practitioner. If a party is represented by a practitioner or an attorney, the original of each paper filed should be signed in ink by the practitioner or attorney, whose address should be stated. The signature of a practitioner or attorney constitutes a certification that the representative:

(1) Has read the pleading, document or paper;

(2) Is authorized to file it;

(3) Believes that there is good ground for the document;

(4) Has not interposed the document for delay;

A pleading, document or paper thus signed need not be verified or accompanied by affidavit unless required elsewhere in these rules.

(b) Signature by one not authorized to represent others before the Board. The original of each document not signed by a practitioner or attorney must be:

(1) Signed in ink;

(2) Accompanied by the signer's address; and

(3) Verified, if it contains allegations of fact, under oath by the person, in whose behalf it is filed, or by a duly authorized officer of the corporation in whose behalf it is filed. If the pleading is a complaint, at least one complainant must sign and verify the pleading.

[47 FR 49554, Nov. 1, 1982, as amended at 61 FR 52711, Oct. 8, 1996]