Cal. Code Regs. tit. 5 § 11969.1

Current through Register 2021 Notice Reg. No. 16, April 16, 2021
Section 11969.1 - Purpose and Stipulation
(a) This article governs provision of facilities by school districts to charter schools under Education Code section 47614.
(b) If a charter school and a school district mutually agree to an alternative to specific compliance with any of the provisions of this article, nothing in this article shall prohibit implementation of that alternative, including, for example, funding in lieu of facilities in an amount commensurate with local rental or lease costs for facilities reasonably equivalent to facilities of the district.

Cal. Code Regs. Tit. 5, § 11969.1

Note: Authority cited: Sections 33031 and 47614, Education Code. Reference: Section 47614, Education Code.

1. New article 3 (sections 11969.1-11969.9) and section filed 7-30-2002; operative 8-29-2002 (Register 2002, No. 31).
2. Amendment of section heading, section and Note filed 2-28-2008; operative 3-29-2008 (Register 2008, No. 9).
3. Amendment of Note filed 11-16-2011; operative 12-16-2011 (Register 2011, No. 46).