13 Cited authorities

  1. Skilling v. U.S.

    561 U.S. 358 (2010)   Cited 1,343 times   40 Legal Analyses
    Holding that Honest Services Fraud "covers only bribery and kickback schemes"
  2. Whalen v. United States

    445 U.S. 684 (1980)   Cited 1,387 times
    Holding rape and felony murder are the same offense under Blockburger where felony murder conviction could not be had without proof of the rape
  3. Illinois v. Vitale

    447 U.S. 410 (1980)   Cited 930 times
    Holding that a defendant's conviction of a lesser included offense prohibits prosecution on a greater offense, and vice-versa, because the greater and lesser offenses are the "same offense" for double jeopardy purposes
  4. United States v. Rodriguez-Moreno

    526 U.S. 275 (1999)   Cited 315 times   2 Legal Analyses
    Holding that kidnaping is a continuing offense because the "conduct constituting the offense" continues throughout the journey and "does not end until the victim is free"
  5. United States v. Cabrales

    524 U.S. 1 (1998)   Cited 243 times   2 Legal Analyses
    Holding that for the offense of money laundering in violation of 18 U.S.C. §§ 1956(B) and 1957, the existence of criminally generated proceeds was a circumstance element of the offense and, therefore, that where the laundered funds were unlawfully generated was irrelevant for venue purposes
  6. Nye & Nissen v. United States

    336 U.S. 613 (1949)   Cited 744 times   1 Legal Analyses
    Holding "[i]t is clear that failure to prove a conspiracy among A, B and C does not preclude a conviction on a count that A aided Y in committing a substantive offense."
  7. United States v. Johnson

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    Holding that venue may constitutionally lie in any area through which "force propelled by an offender operates"
  8. U.S. v. Root

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    Rejecting duplicity argument, holding it was "permissible under section 7201 to charge tax evasion covering several years in a single count as a 'course of conduct' in circumstances where the underlying basis of the indictment is an allegedly consistent, long-term pattern of conduct directed at the evasion of taxes for these years"
  9. U.S. v. Salinas

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    Explaining that the venue protections "ensure that a criminal defendant cannot be tried in a distant, remote, or unfriendly forum solely at the prosecutor's whim"
  10. United States v. Chestnut

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    Holding that absence of motivation is not fatal to government's case where there is sufficient evidence of criminal intent
  11. Section 12 - Pleadings and Pretrial Motions

    Fed. R. Crim. P. 12   Cited 6,138 times   4 Legal Analyses
    Permitting deferral on a finding of good cause