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    Holding that a pro se prisoner's notice of appeal is considered filed the moment it is delivered to prison authorities for mailing to the court
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    Holding that Georgia's renewal statute does not alter the FTCA's statute of limitations
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    Finding a pro se prisoner took no steps to ensure his claim was docketed before 33 months passed
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    Holding that two year statute of limitations also applies to unlawful imprisonment case
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    Finding that a complaint was not "filed" until it was in "actual or constructive possession of the clerk"
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    Rejecting the mailbox rule in the context of a negligence action brought by a prisoner proceeding pro se
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  9. Section 1983 - Civil action for deprivation of rights

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    Holding liable any state actor who "subjects, or causes [a person] to be subjected" to a constitutional violation
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    Allowing service by filing papers with the court's electronic-filing system
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    Providing that a tort claim against the United States must be presented to the appropriate federal agency within two years after the claim accrues
  13. Rule 3 - Commencing an Action

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    Stating that once the inmate has filed his motion with the clerk, "[t]he clerk must file the motion and enter it on the criminal docket of the case in which the challenged judgment was entered"
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